Women Warrior Week

October 11, 2018 @ 9:00 am - October 14, 2018 @ 5:00 am
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This 4 day ladies only course will prepare you for just about anything.  And woe to those who cross you!

Day 1:  Fightback

Live free from fear and empower yourself!  Fightback is a fun, safe, self-defense course that ensures you come home safely to those that love and need you! Fightback uses proven, natural body movement to counter attacks against women in any situation and does not require speed or strength!  You will learn:  Threat awareness, using fear and adrenaline, to fight without speed or strength, the truth about rape, the survival mindset, using your car as a weapon, to escape while pinned on your back, even knife and gun disarmament.

Day 2:  Ladies Handgun Part 1

State of the art handgun training, even if you’ve never fired a weapon before.  Experienced shooters will gain new refinements in accuracy and technique.  You learn:  Weapon safety, legal ramifications, parts of a gun and how they work, how a bullet works and how it stops an attacker, choosing the right gun, ammunition and accessories, awareness and the Fight or Flight Reflex, drawing, gripping and firing your weapon, malfunction recovery and immediate action drills, plus gunfight tricks and tips.

Day 3:  Vehicle Escape and Evade

This Tactical Vehicular Operations Course teaches how to avoid pedestrian strikes, vehicle dynamics, vehicle as improvised weapon, slow slalom, fast slalom, crisis driving, threshold braking, wounded driving, passenger seat driving, J and bootleg turns,  high speed backing, shooting within, without and around vehicle utilizing blue, UTM and or live fire depending on safety and skill levels of student.

Day 4:  Ladies Handgun Part 2 with UTM Force on Force Scenario Training

As close to actually defending yourself with your firearms using marking round paint bullets in a safe but realistic adrenaline charged format, whether on foot or in your car!

About the Instructor:

Major Jeffry Prather, USA(ret.) served in 7th Special Forces as an intlligence officer and is an SFSOT graduate, the DEA as a special agent, special operator and primary firearms instructor, and with DIA as an intelligence collector and eventually Chief of their Global Operations Center. He is an NRA LE PFI for pistol, rifle, and shotgun, IALEFI keynote speaker, AZ DPS firearms, unarmed and armed instructor, and has been published in Black Belt, SWAT, Tactical Defense and other magazines, as well as a guest on national radio and TV news as a subject matter expert. His tactical books and DVDs were carried in AAFES for years worldwide.


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