Jeffrey Prather, Founder

Warriorschool founder Major Jeffrey Prather (USA Ret.) has over fifty years of real world experience as as a master martial artist, federal law enforcement special agent, firearms instructor, military intelligence officer and special operator. He has extensive operational experience both domestically and abroad, and has taught units of all military branches including many special operations, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  He  appears internationally on television, film, and magazines, as a commentator and subject matter expert and has published books and DVDs. His courses have been taught to tens of thousands of US soldiers and officially certified by special operations units.


The Warriorschool Team

WarriorSchool’s staff is composed of operators turned teachers. As veteran members of America’s Special Operations communities,  all of our instructors have real world tactical experience and years of instructional experience.

Since 1995 we have trained the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. We have also trained  most US federal law enforcement agencies such the FBI, DHS, US Marshals and Border Patrol.  Warriorschool alumni also include our nation’s intelligence agencies, DOD civilians, corporate security personnel, corporate employees, as well as thousands of  local sheriff, police and emergency response personnel.

Most importantly we train responsible citizens who ultimately bear ultimate responsibility to ensure our lives and freedom.  We maintain visibility of the latest techniques and threats in theater. We have been where you are going.  We know what you need to come home safe and be safe in your own  homes.  No one is more committed to you, than us. References, resumes and past performance are available upon request.