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Warriorschool founder Jeffrey Prather has spent decades in in the martial arts, military, intelligence, corporate and law enforcement realms. Utilizing his long term expertise, Jeffrey has  developed customized courses for military units, police agencies, security teams, businesses, churches, schools, ladies and kids.  No matter your size or situation Warriorschool can help.

All courses are modular, stand alone classes and can be modified designed to fit your busy schedule.  Jeffrey has taught at the FBI Academy, universities, colleges and grade schools, from Japan to Australia, from the ranch to the farm.  What he taught there, you can learn here. Whether you are going to the rock pile or sandbox, or just down the street,  you will be ready.

Interested in traditional, warrior martial arts? Check out Master Prather’s twenty-five year old authentic ninja dojo at


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January 2020

8 Jan
Handgun Martial Arts Class (HMAC)
From the sword to the long bow to the six shooter, personal freedom is ensured by personal weaponry. HMAC is more than just pistol [...]

March 2020

4 Mar
Arizona Armed Security Guard Certification
Armed Guard certification training is a two day (16 hours) course. Day two of this course fulfills the refresher requirement for 8 [...]

April 2020

16 Apr
Tactical Vehicular Operations Course – TVOC
Course includes: ambush evasion, ramming (optional and more expensive), high speed driving, evasive driving, off-road driving, convoy [...]

June 2020

13 Jun
Student & Teachers On Protecting (STOP)
Why Kids Become Active Shooters, How To Stop Them from Becoming Active Shooters, How To Detect an Active Shooter, how to Survive an [...]

July 2020

10 Jul
Tactical Blade – Prather War Bowie
In this acclaimed seminar you learn the history of the bowie, why the bowie is uniquely suited for woods and battlefield, and the best [...]
31 Jul
Fightback! Self Defense for Ladies
Fightback uses proven, natural body movement to counter attacks against women in any situation. Does not require speed or strength! [...]

August 2020

5 Aug
Arizona Unarmed Security Guard Certification
Warriorschool is licensed by Arizona Depart of Public Service (AZ DPS license #1612745) to provide unarmed and armed security guard [...]

September 2020

2 Sep
Arizona Armed Security Guard Certification
Arizona Armed Security Guard Certification:  Warriorschool is licensed by Arizona Depart of Public Safety (AZ DPS license #1612745) to [...]