Paint Bullet: Force on Force

March 24, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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This is the closest training to an actual gunfight! Paint ball is fun. Airsoft is inexpensive. But no training approximates the physiological and psychological stresses of an actual gunfight more than force on force training. Utilizing special barrels and bullets that fire a marking round with a powder charge, you will experience a new level of training and insight. Utilized extensively in Warriorschool military, law enforcement and intelligence classes, now this cutting edge class is available to select, serious citizen warriors.  You will employ all of your tactics in long and handgun in realistic, whole spectrum scenarios that will give you an unflinching view of your ability according to your current level techniques, tactics, and practices. Eye, head, hands and body safety kit included, as well as Glock, Berretta and Sig handgun and M-4 long gun UTM models provided with UTM ammunition. Class graduates universally report greater understanding of gunfight dynamics and marked improvements in their responses in crisis. No live firearms and ammunitions permitted, and all force on force safety protocols are strictly enforced, but be advised, you will feel it when you are hit.

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