Ladies Fightback!

August 12, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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  • Steve Rivas
  • Connie Luebke
  • Mark Ferganchick
  • Stephanie Terry


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It is possible to live your life free from fear. Ladies Fightback is a self-defense course designed specifically for the attacks that happen against women and has been taught all over the world! This unique, and extremely effective course uses a one-technique approach that can be applied in any situation and has been taught with success to women ranging in ages from 11-80.

Our instructors go through a certification process that can last upwards of four years before being approved to teach this course – we are very aware of the sensitive nature of this type of class and respect that. It is always the woman’s choice to take part in, or sit out, any part of the training. Our goal is to ensure that you get home safely to those that love you and need you back.




Topics covered include:

  • Threat awareness
  • Using fear and adrenaline to your advantage
  • The truth about rape
  • The survival mindset
  • Risk reduction
  • Your car as a weapon
  • Fighting from inside cars
  • Fighting without speed or strength
  • Everyday items as weapons
  • Weapons disarmament and familiarization

9am to 5 pm

Course designed by Jeffrey Prather.

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