Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

August 25, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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SAS Stop Active ShooterClose Quarter Combat: This is a Warriorschool signature course that has been taught for decades, and attended literally by tens of thousands of US military in number of up to six hundred at a time.

Students do not remove their boots and blouse and step on a mat as many sport based popular combatives courses do, but rather attend in full kit, armor just as they will be on the battlefield.  Blue rifles or in very large classes, carefully cleared carbines with chamber flags are employed from the start as opposed to most classes that start unarmed because realistically, the soldier will be armed but his rifle may be malfunctioned or out.


CQC was designed to supplement U.S. Special Operations Forces personnel training in lethal close quarter combat. In CQC training starts with improvised weapons such as: inoperable rifles, pistols, knives, ropes, and carabiners, then moves to the most advanced fighting, unarmed fighting.



Everything learned here is done to insure that you brief24live through a zero-sum (life or death) conflict. This course is perfect for law enforcement, active military, or anyone who wants to defend themselves and doesn’t have the time to commit to a martial art. Course objectives include threat awareness, effects of adrenaline, emphasis is on standing interdiction of the enemy as opposed to going to ground, improvised weapons, weapons disarms and even  sentry interdiction.

Jeff Prather Teaching CQC OCONUS to Allies

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