4 Day Pistol Package

October 5, 2017 @ 8:00 am - October 8, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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4 Day Pistol Package

This course is for both advanced and new shooters, starting with detailed fundamentals rarely taught elsewhere and and progressing to cutting edge combat pistol capabilities.

Day 1: Defensive Pistol: This course provides you with state of the art training for handgun personal defense!  Don’t worry if you have never fired a weapon before, we have vast experience in training beginners.

Even experienced shooters will gain new refinements in accuracy and techniques.  Weapon Safety both on the range and in the home. How to keep guns safely in the house with children. Legal ramifications of using a firearm for defense.

The parts of a gun and how they work. How a bullet works and how it stops and attacker. Choosing the right gun, ammunition and accessories. Drawing, gripping and firing your weapon. Malfunction recovery and Immediate action drills.

Day 2: Intermediate Pistol: This course furthers the shooter’s training in gunfight dynamics under stress. Covers engagement methods of controlled pair versus hammer, versus failure to stop, versus nonstandard response.

Includes combat versus marksmanship stances, including standing, kneeling firing to 25 yards. Also covers remedial action, tactical reload, lateral movement. Wounded weak hand shooting, changing hands is also covered as well as decision shoot or not shoot techniques.

Day 3: Home & Car Defense: Self defense and protection of family is the right, responsibility, and duty of every citizen.  Since we live and work in buildings and cars, it is necessary to have an appreciation of how these environments affect the dynamics of a gunfight.

This course will teach you how to move, take cover, shield loved-ones and develop tactical strategies for defense in the environments were you live and work.  Close combat techniques such as weapon retention, and shooting while shielding loved ones are included.

Also covers moving and shooting, moving without flagging, lateral move, pivot and shoot, 180 pivot, ballistics demonstration on building materials, barricade shooting, cover versus concealment, slicing the pie, shooting from in, around, and behind a car and bed, shooting while shielding, individual tactical movement in a building, home defense strategy.

Day 4: Active Shooter Response : This course offers realistic training for the ultimate in the protection of innocent people. This course takes the graduate of Home and Car Defense from the ability to protect the family and expands this to the community.

Students will learn to approach active shooters through a crowd and fire a debilitating shot at a terrorist. Interviewing witnesses, soliciting assistance and surgical shooting are thoroughly covered.

Studies have shown the only effective way to reduce loss of life by an active shooter is by armed confrontation.  You have chosen to accept that responsibility; Warriorschool will show you how.

Most armed church security personnel are woefully unprepared for an active shooter in a crowd scenario. Active Shooter Response teaches the grim reality of crowd shootings and how to save life rather than miss and take more.

This course includes live interactive fire using both live and simulated munitions. Covers the next level tactics, techniques and practices including moving through a crowd safely, close ready, high ready, pre- and post shoot protocols, precision shooting, especially threat and crowd command and control.




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