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Our Mission: Provide elite, armed security guards, excellent security guard training,  unequaled EMT courses, superb shooting, self-defense, tactical driving, pre-deployment courses to US government, military, corporate, and  private citizens.

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Warriorschool’s Government/Military Division has trained over 20,000 operators from all branches of the US military, as well as most federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Warriorschool  consults and trains major international companies, and offers a full line of firearms and self defense classes for civilians.  Warriorschool specializes in emergency medicine and one of the highest EMT  first-time, National Registry Exam pass rate in the state, and we exceed state standard clinical and vehicular hours!

PratherIf it’s about protecting life and freedom, we teach it!

- Jeffrey Prather, Founder, Founder

Our facilities include a private and secluded 80 acre training area, with a 3-bay, 18 acre shooting range, driving courses, 360 degree ranges, shoot houses, climate controlled classroom, pool, padded combatives gym, cafeteria, hotel, drop zone and explosive ranges for anti-IED training.

Arizona allows you to train 365 days a year in combat-realistic altitudes and temperatures which facilitate pre-deployment acclimatization.  If you cannot come to us in Tucson, Arizona, Warriorschool mobile training teams will come to you. In the last few years we have trained thousands at the customer’s choice of location and time frame.

Warriorschool instructors are veteran special operators, intelligence agents, law enforcement personnel, and medical professionals. We have been where you are going. Our mission is your survival. We ensure that you have the skills to come home safe, or be safe in your own home.