Close Quarter Battle

March 24, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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  • Philip Keuper


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Close Quarter Battle (CQB): This class has been attended by thousands of US military from all branches of the armed forces as well as  intelligence and law enforcement operators from all major federal agencies.

The attention to detail and rigorous focus on sound technique as opposed to simply rushing through rooms and relying on luck rather than skill is what separates this course from competitor’s versions.

Both dynamic and deliberate CQB are taught via eye opening anti-ambush drills that emphasize student success and survival rather than simple slant and button hooks.

Warriorschool teaches operators Close Quarter Battle from the ground up, emphasizing the essentials of a safety foundation, target discernment, accuracy, and fast target acquisition to prepare them to succeed.

Whether you are Special Operations conducting a snatch and grab, or Military Intelligence support personnel fighting out of an ambush, the chance of CQB in and around buildings is great. Warriorschool will give you the skills you and your team needs for this prevalent and modern form of warfare.

This course requires students to already possess an intermediate ability level with hand and long gun tactics and techniques.


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