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January 8th Anniversary

Today was the anniversary of the attempted assassination of congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, and she attended a memorial service  at the University of Arizona.  Daniel Hernandez,  who attended to Giffords after she was shot was once again in the spotlight, even appearing on Fox News.

At Warriorschool’s medical classroom complex we too held a memorial service.  But our focus was elsewhere.  It was retired Army colonel Bill Badgers age 73,  who despite being shot in the head, used his martial skills to arm bar Louhgner to the  ground and disarm him.  Without Badger’s quick warrior response of appropriate violence in neutralizing the threat, along with Patricia Masich and Roger Salzberg, Hernandez would have become yet another victim and unable to save Giffords.

While Hernandez is certainly a hero deserving of praise, the truth is that it was a soldier, citizen warriors and violence that ultimately saved the day.

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