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August 2011

Free 9-11 Seminar!

WS classroom close up

As always I will teach my free Airline Defense Seminar on SATURDAY September 10th at 0930, at the Warriorschool medical classroom at 4500 East Speedway, in honor of the tenth anniversary of 9-11. The class will focus on emulating the actions of heroes Todd Beamer, Jeremy Glick and others that recited the Lord’s Prayer, said, “Let’s roll!” and fought back against the terrorists who had hijacked United Flight 93.

Close Quarter Combat Instructor Certification October 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Registration Contact:  520-241-7690
Fee: $1,685. includes  CQC book and 4 DVDs
Created by Warriroschool Founder Jeff Prather for Special Forces in the late eighties while he served with 7th Group, Close Quarter Combat (CQC) has over the last twenty years evolved into a model for US and allied military hand to hand training.  CQC has been taught to the trainers of tier one units, certified as an official course of special opertions units, and tens of thousands of US soldiers have been trained prior to combat deployments.  Major Prather  has been written about his CQC program in Black Belt magazine and his book and DVDs sell nationwide in Army Air force Exchange Stores (AAFES).  The Instructor Certification course is a week long grounding in the combat tested tactics of  CQC!
Course Objectives:
• Full Armor Fighting
• Non Firing Rifle Close Combat
• POW Restraint
• Countering Suicide Bombers
• Defeating Linear Attacks
• Improvised Weapons
• Weapon Disarms
• Execution Escape
• Sentry Interdiction
• Tell, Show, Do Teaching



We mourn the recent loss of 22 SEALS, 3 USAF Combat Controllers, K-9 handler  and three other US Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan.

Dummy Rounds to Improve Weapons Skills

9mm Luger A-Zoom Snap Cap - thumb

Dummy rounds give the shooter the chance to maintain proficiency with a low cost, easy on the schedule approach. Immediate action drills, remedial action drills, wounded fire techniques, draw and presentation smoothness all require a high level of repetition to maintain synaptic responses that are smooth and precise. Furthermore, the single most prevalent flaw that reduces a shooter’s accuracy is an incorrect trigger squeeze. Incorporating dummy rounds during live fire training gives the shooter direct feedback for trigger squeeze refinement. Whether incorporated into your live fire regiment, or in strictly dry fire training in the comfort of your garage, dummy rounds are an essential element of your training program.

At Warriorschool we don’t sell it, if we haven’t tested it. Warriorschool’s realistic training environment provides ideal conditions to conduct product testing. Manufacturers frankly cannot afford to conduct true durability testing on their products, because of the high cost associated with the time commitment and the ammo expenditure durability testing requires. Therefore, they pass that risk on to you, the end user of their product. Warriorschool reduces that risk for you by testing our retail products in the severe environment of our desert tactical courses. If the product doesn’t measure up, then we don’t offer it for sale.
Lyman product dummy rounds have proven to be the superior choice for dry fire training. Lyman dummy rounds are made of solid, machined aluminum and include a small plastic insert to absorb the firing pin shock. Other dummy rounds we have tested include molded solid plastic, combination metal casing and plastic dummy rounds, hand loaded dummy rounds with no powder or primer, and of course the spent casing dummy round.

Molded plastic dummy rounds do not feed well. They lack the mass to flow with the function of the weapon and tend to bounce around causing a failure to feed malfunction, which defeats the ability to test trigger squeeze. In addition the plastic wears out quickly as the extractor chews away the rim after a few repetitions. Metal casing and plastic bullet dummy rounds function fairly well, but have a serious flaw: Eventually with age, the plastic tip of the rifle bullet breaks off and can lodge in the action, or worse in the barrel. Similarly with the pistol rounds, the plastic bullet is occasionally loosened from the casing and lodges in the barrel. This is an extreme safety hazard because follow up with a live round can explode the weapon causing serious injury, or a destroyed gun. Hand loaded dummy rounds can have the same serious problem: they bullet is eventually dislodged from the crimp and left in the barrel of the gun. Using spent casings as dummy rounds deliver poor feeding in the function of the weapon, and defeat the development of smooth synaptic response weapons handling.

As a result of highly successful in-house testing, Warriorschool is proud to offer Lyman dummy rounds for sale in our store. Regular use of these dummy rounds will substantially improve your accuracy, and your skill at arms. The money you invest in the use of dummy rounds in your training will be easily recouped by reducing the amount of live fire training needed. After incorporating Lyman dummy rounds in your training, please send us your feedback as to how well they worked for you. You can purchase Lyman Snap Caps/Dummy Rounds in Warriorschool’s Store.